Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

20190807_171850-01Fact, I have an obsession with strawberries. I pick my own each summer and freeze a huge batch so I can make nourishing bowls.

Did you know that not only are strawberries healthy and nourishing, but they are also good for skin health? Strawberries are high in Vitamin A and C which can help improve skin elasticity, and can promote collagen production. Not to mention they are just plain delicious!

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and so I also have an obsession with granola. However I find if you don’t make you’re own it’s difficult to find anything healthy, as they often contain added sugars and preservatives. So when I discovered Nola Baking I was excited that this graonla was made from real ingredients. Not only that, but they are gluten free, vegan and paleo friendly, and contain no added sugars!

To check out my Dreamy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl, check out below. This bowl is packed with nutrients, fibre, protein and antioxidants to help start your day off right! Please comment if you have any questions! Enjoy!


For more info on Nola Baking, please check out their website :

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Beat the cold and flu season!


Hey Wildflowers!

Fall has finally arrived, and I must say as much as I love summer I absolutely love fall! My body craves the change, warming foods, teas, and cozy sweaters! Of course the change of season also comes with the dreaded cold and flu…but I have good news for you, you can nip it in the bud this year by preparing your body and your immune system!

Now, there are many things you can do to keep yourself healthy during this time of year like get enough sleep, eat plenty of veggies, drink tea etc, however sometimes life throws a few curve balls, things happen, we can run ourselves down easily with our busy routines and that is when our bodies our more susceptible of catching something. I know this because well, I’ve been there.

I wanted to share with you one of my #1 go to products for this time of the year, which is a product from St. Francis called Deep Immune. Now I have honestly been using their line of products for about 10 years, I love using herbs and adaptogens, and anyone who knows me knows I always have one of their tinctures on hand! For me, one the best ways to avoid the cold and flu is by taking Deep Immune each day to help protect and support my immune system.


Deep Immune is a formulation that combines TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) along with Western Herbal extraction to provide optimal support. This formulation also includes powerful adaptogen herbs, which are very useful as they “adapt” to situations like lack of sleep, stress, and fatigue. This is also how it is able to support you when you need it most during this busy time of year.

You can get this formula in a tincture form (which I prefer as it is more absorbable), or in capsule form if you don’t like taking liquids. The capsule form is pretty convenient for on the go or when travelling!

I can’t stress this enough but taking the time to fuel, nourish and prepare for this season is one of the best things you can do to help combat that pesky cold and flu and enjoy all the little joys this season has to bring!

As always, please consult with your natural health practitioner if you are taking any medications prior to consuming any formula with herbs.

For more info on Deep Immune please visit

Stay wild!

Laura xo



Peach Smoothie Bowl Recipe


Hey Wildflowers, peach season is here!!!

When it comes to fruit, I have to say I don’t really consume a lot of it as I try to watch my sugar intake, even when it is from a natural source. However choosing fruit as a treat over anything processed with added sugar is the way to go and summer is the time of year that I crave ice cream, which I do indulge in from time to time but it is also nice to have a treat you can feel good about!!

Now peaches are the one fruit that I have a weakness for. I love peaches! As a kid I used to sit and eat a whole basket of peaches in one day! Now I’m not recommending you do that at all…but I do suggest grabbing some while they are in season!


So the other day I grabbed a basket of local peaches from Niagara and immediately thought of making a peach smoothie bowl, I mean what could be better on a hot summer day? Of course I had a try a couple just to make sure they tasted okay 😉

After a couple attempts to get the right consistency, I created this yummy smoothie bowl which is packed with nutrients and makes a great afternoon treat! Side note, peaches are also high in antioxidants and are a great source of vitamin A and C! Wahoo! Combine that with fibre and healthy fat and you have something that not only tastes good but is nourishing at the same time! Another bonus, after eating this I kicked my ice cream craving to the curb!

So go ahead, get peachy and try this bowl for yourself! Recipe below!


Sweet Treats-2

Stay Wild,

Laura xo

From Perfect to Mindful Eating


Hey Wildflowers!

So I’m pretty sure most of us have heard the saying “moderation is key” when it comes to healthy eating, however this phrase has never really jived with me. Why? Well because I am a PERFECTIONIST!!! Now 5 years ago I used this term with pride, but looking back this self proclaimed title robbed me of joy and happiness when it came to what I ate, how I ate, and when I ate…

During that time I was going through a lot of health issues, I began researching different diets and really got into health and wellness. I decided at that time that I would try a plant based diet, and within 2 weeks I noticed a signifigant difference. I had more energy, and I started feeling so much better. I also stopped eating anything that I deemed to be “unhealthy”, but after a few months I went very extreme without letting myself enjoy a treat or eat a french fry.

This is how I got into the perfect eating trap…after a few months it was really hard to stick to eating everything that was “perfect” in my mind. I even started turning down dinners with friends if I knew there was nothing on the menu that was healthy. Over time I would allow myself a treat now and then, but when I did I would wallow and feel major guilt…

One hot summer day I had enjoyed an ice cream cone, now I usually avoid dairy but I can tolerate dairy to a certain point so I can eat an ice cream cone once and awhile. However on this day right after I consumed it guilt started creeping into my mind, I started getting anxiety and I kept thinking of the amount of sugar I consumed and the ingredients in the waffle cone, and what that did was essentially ruin my lovely day I was having with my friend. After that I didn’t notice how beautiful the day was, how the sun was shining, I wasn’t present and was in my own little world of self hate for consuming an ice cream cone!!! How crazy is that??

It was after that day that I knew that I had to change my views on food, and if you can relate to this, here is what I did and what has worked for me!

80/20 Rule 

I first started off with the 80/20 rule, which is essentially eat healthy 80% of the time and allow for any treats 20% of the time. When I started using this approach I immediately felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and it allowed me to feel okay if I had a treat knowing “hey, 80% of them time I eat extremely well.”

Intuitive Eating

This has by far been what has worked best for me! After following the 80/20 mindset for awhile there were times I still felt out of touch with what was right for me. That is when I started practicing intuitive eating, which is all about being in tune to your mind and what your body needs. This has worked wonders for me because there are days, weeks even when I’m good eating nourishing foods that fuel my body and I don’t even want or crave a treat. Some days my body craves a ton of healthy fats, some days I just want green juice and salads. Then there are days where if I go to a cafe on a rainy day I crave a warming latte and a croissant, and that’s okay!


If you find yourself struggling with this too, know that it can get better, it won’t happen over night and takes time, but you will be able to enjoy food and social gatherings again. By including these tips into your daily routine you will also begin to feel the weight lifted off your shoulders as I did.

So go drink your green smoothie, and if one day you eat a croissant…don’t sweat it, be kind to your body, and enjoy!

Stay Wild,

Laura xo




When to ditch the coffee and add a little Matcha!


Hi Wildflowers!

Okay, so as a nutritionist I always feel a little apprehensive when it comes to sharing my love of coffee because well, coffee isn’t exactly the “healthy” way to start your day. I never really was a coffee drinker but fell in love when I spent time in Italy and when I came home I loved adding it as a morning ritual after breakfast.

Even though I drink organic roasts, there are times when drinking coffee is NOT okay and here’s why…

Stress, although I really don’t like to use this word, life does get stressful at times and it’s during these times that I cannot drink coffee! Why? Well the caffeine ends up giving me the shakes, my anxiety goes through the roof, and by 3pm I’m ready to crash as my adrenals are taking the hit.

If you can relate to this I have good news for you as switching to matcha tea in the morning gives you a boost without the negative spiralling side effects!


Matcha for Energy

Matcha naturally contains caffeine, however it’s not going to give you the “jitters” that coffee can give you. Matcha also contains L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that can provide a calming effect as well as can help with concentration and increase our ability to focus. Which is a great thing especially when we have a lot going on!

Skin Health

Okay, so of course I have to let you know about the benefits for your skin! Matcha contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is a catechin that can help combat free radicals and can protect your cells from damage. These high levels of antioxidants can also help fight inflammation and further more can help reduce redness for those who suffer from eczema, or any inflammatory skin disorder.


Ever wonder where the vibrant green colour of matcha comes from? Well my friends that green pigment comes from chlorophyll! Which can add a little gentle detox as chlorophyll helps flush out heavy metals and toxins from your body.

Want to know how to drink matcha tea? Check out my Matcha Latte recipe below!

Matcha Latte-5

Stay Wild xo



Want glowing skin? Start with herbal tea!


20180331_103748-01I’m often asked about my skin care routine, and while I do use only clean organic products I have to tell you that to truly achieve glowing skin starts from within!

Now, you may be just how I was 10 years ago when I was buying over the counter skin treatments to help cure my acne…and if someone told me then that “it starts from within” I probably would have rolled my eyes as all I ever wanted was a quick fix…

While there are many ways I now keep my skin glowing, I wanted to discuss the benefits of herbal teas as I do drink tea every day. To be honest I never was a tea drinker, in fact growing up I would only drink tea if I had a cold. However once I began to change my lifestyle and research skin health, I realized how crucial tea is not only for its many healing properties but how it could also help heal my skin.

Now there are many different teas and blends out there that are wonderful, and I will get to them in future posts, but I thought I would discuss three of my go-tos for “glowing skin”.



If you ever find yourself having reoccurring acne or various skin issues, chances are your digestion needs a boost! This is where dandelion comes in…

  • Dandelion is great for increasing bile which helps our bodies break down enzymes needed in the digestion process.
  • This wonder plant also helps to cleanse our livers and help eliminate excess toxins.
  • A great source of antioxidants, including vitamin A it’s high antioxidant properties can help reduce inflammation, as well as may prevent pre mature aging due to its free radical damage fighting power!



Calendula flowers boasts many different healing properties, which can be great for combating redness, eczema, and rashes.

  • The powerful anti-inflammatory properties found in Calendula can help to reduce redness, as well as may help to decrease itching in skin rashes.
  • Calendula also has many healing properties that can be helpful when applied topically.
  • *Tip – Before you take the last sip of your tea soak a cotton pad in the last few drops and apply to clean skin.



You may find that rosehip seed oil has become fairly popular in the skin care industry lately, and while I also use an oil topically I also consume rosehip tea.

  • Not only is rosehip a great source of antioxidants it’s particularly known for being high in vitamin C!
  • Rosehip can naturally tone the skin and can help balance the pH of the skin.
  • Drinking rosehip tea can also help stimulate collagen production, due to the high content of vitamin C.


Please note: Herbal tea can be extremely benefical for most indivuals, however if you are on any medications, antibiotics, or have any medical conditions, please check to see if certain herbs are okay as some should be avoided.

One last note, these teas are not only great for skin health, but your over all health and I do recommend that when it comes to tea you only buy organic. Tea should also be sipped and enjoyed, be mindful and thankful for what nature has provided you and enjoy the experience!

Stay wild,

Laura xo










Hello 2018 & Goodbye Resolutions!

Hey there Wildflowers!

I have to say, as sad as I am to see the holiday season be over with (its my favourite time of year) … there is something so exciting about starting a new year! Late night gatherings and festivities are replaced with nights in, often with a hot cup of tea or curled up on the couch,  and as you put away that last deceoration you can’t help but feel a sense of a fresh start!


There is however a downside to January, and that is the dreaded “New Year Resolution”. Now don’t get me wrong, for some people making an annual resolution works but for most individuals (including myself), there is a sense of pressure we put on ourselves since we generally only do this just once every year. Another factor is that sometimes its easy to let things slide or give up all together because life begins to get busy again, feelings of guilt and failure often set in, and we start to lose focus on what we initially intended for ourselves. I used to go through this EVERY YEAR!!!

It wasn’t until I started goal setting every month that I stopped making “resolutions” for myself as I didn’t need to anymore. When I gave myself time to sit and reflect on a regular basis I didn’t feel pressure, guilt, or failure because I was more in tune to what was working for me and what wasn’t, which is why I am now a huge advocate for setting intentions and goals on a regular basis rather than setting an annual resolution.

When we take the time to reflect on the goals we have set for ourselves it gives us a chance to really see what is working for us and what isn’t. For example, if you decided to go to the gym 5 days a week for the next 3 months but you find its beginning to exhaust you due to your gruelling work schedule, that’s okay! Acknowledge that, and create a new goal such as going to the gym 3 days a week instead. Not every goal and intention we set goes exactly to plan, but rather than give it up all together take the time once a week or month and revamp that goal and set a new intention!


Now this may seem a little overwhelming, or you may think you just don’t have the time, SO here are some tips to help you begin…

  • Buy a journal! I’m a huge advocate of this because well, life gets busy and writing out our goals and intentions not only helps to clear our minds, but it also forces us to take a moment to sit down and pause.
  • Take time for yourself each day, even if its 5 minutes, or before you get out of bed in the morning. Find a quiet space where you can be alone without distractions, and technology, and remind yourself of why you started.
  • Re evaluate and reflect, at least once a month. You may be on the right track, or perhaps what you first intended for yourself isn’t serving you and you need to reevaluate. Read your journal, and begin a new page adding any changes to existing goals, or set new intentions. If you set rather large goal for yourself, you may find it helpful to do this even weekly!

By saying goodbye to resolutions and hello to intentions, not only do we decrease the sense of pressure but we are more inclined to follow through, we are generally happier, and best of all…we are kinder to ourselves! You allow yourself to be more in tune to what you really want in life, and you will find it easier to reach your goals, go after what you want, and become the best version of yourself.

Remember that nothing happens over night, and that’s why it’s so important to keep going, reflect regularly, take time for yourself, and enjoy all the unfolding’s and moments of your journey!

Stay Wild!

Laura xo


Welcome to Wildflower Nutrition

Hey there, welcome to Wildflower Nutrition!

I have to admit, when it came to writing my first blog…well it took me awhile! I honestly didn’t know what to write about because I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and I of course wanted to write the “perfect” first blog!

After days of procrastinating and putting it off I decided to just let go, sit down, and start typing away!

So here I am, and wanted to say thank you for checking out my site! Here I plan on including many recipes to share with you, as I love creating recipes that are healthy and nourishing! You will also find many natural beauty tips, as I’m also an advocate for skin health, and I mean who doesn’t want healthy glowing skin?! I will also be providing many of my lifestyle tips, healthy alternatives, and life hacks I have learned along the way of my own health journey.


I will also be focusing a lot on women’s health, as this is something I have personally struggled with for years. I will be touching on topics like hormone imbalances such as PMS, PCOS, hormonal acne, and ways to combat those issues naturally.

Someone once asked me, what is the meaning behind “Wildflower Nutrition.” Firstly, I have always been somewhat of a “wildflower”, but most importantly I want everyone to be able to let go, to get healthy, to grow freely, and get back to a more natural way of living, and I think this quote pretty much sums it up…

“May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.”

~ Native American Proverb

Stay wild!
Laura xo